hello from SE connecticut

started by Khyatt30, July 13, 2017
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      im kris from jewett city CT ive been watching twc since i was 5yrs old il b 31 on sept 17 so dont feel too old jim after all it was ur report on a tornado that got me into wx 🙂 i enjoy watching the storms roll in but because of the close proximity to the coast bout 30 miles or so it kills the storms n frustrates me id luv to b a storm chaser for twc it would b an honor if they would have me im also on twitter khyatt25 i post wx pix on there all the time i enjoy the challenge of getting aired live on twc ive been on weather underground a few times well my tweets have any way but id enjoy getting to know everyone on here since were all wx geeks theres not many ppl that r like me obsessed with wx lol

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      Thanks for being such a big fan!  Keep it up!

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      Hey, Khyatt30!  Interesting to see someone so close nuts about weather too! I’m Kathy from Westerly! You must get some great storms inland! I use to live in Ashaway and we’d get more storms than Westerly. I believe that the ocean winds keep most storms “at bay” (sorry for the pun)! I’ve always enjoyed thunderstorms, (well, not when I was young! My dad would have me out on a porch where we lived in Watch Hill and my mom was always yelling to get me inside).  Now, I’ll watch it from any safe place I can find! I just love it!

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      It’s nice to c someone else nearby loves wx like I do I have some new pix I want to put on here can u give me some advice on how to work the upload on here I’m constantly posting wx pix on Twitter I know how to do it I posted a pic this morning khyatt25 c ya there I’m going to look around for the upload icon

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