Greetings from Colorado!

started by TheStormWhisperer, July 9, 2017
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    • Storms have always fascinated me, lightning struck the tree across from our house when I was three, and when moving to Colorado at age 8, I started watching the storms roll in over the mountains. In 6th grade I had already decided I would pursue a degree in meteorology. I still have some schooling to go, but I am currently a Skywarn spotter for the National Weather Service in Pueblo, Colorado.

      I’m excited to discuss weather with everyone here, and I’ll share plenty of pictures, hope you all enjoy!


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      Hi Stefan!

      We’re so glad you’re a part of our community. It sounds like you’re going to fit right in. As for your photos– they’re amazing! Thanks for sharing them to the gallery so everyone can enjoy them!

      • Thanks Haley!

        I’m glad you like the photos, hopefully I’ll be able to snap some new ones here soon! It’s been a bit cold with less peppy storms this year, I actually hope we can at least catch up to our annual average on the tornadoes so I can get some more open field tornado shots, Colorado has plenty of open land for a peaceful tornado experience.

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      These are great!  Keep up the good work and maybe soon enough, you’ll be here next to me writing to other weather fans!!!

      • Thank you so much Mark! If you want to check it out, I shot 360 footage of the tornado in Eads last year: that’s my favorite clip, I moved the camera while shooting and that vantage came out the best, my windshield still looks odd in it though! Haha

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