started by FooFighters, September 16, 2020
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      It’s officially time for me to say goodbye to We Love Weather. Mainly because of how bad the site is and how poor Haley and Brandon moderate this forum.

      All I did was rant about what did last year such as changing locations (mostly ZIP codes) to schools. Then some bully @andymoserweather decided to start bullying me. When I asked Haley for help, she wouldn’t delete the troll who uploaded an offensive cereal box photo as their profile photo.

      I am, however, glad someone decided to take action last September by creating a fake @andymozerweather account. But when @andymoserweather came back I nearly had a heart attack and chest pains because of all the stuff he did to me. Had Haley decided to delete it, I (and this community) would be healthier today and what I will explain below would never happen. I asked them to delete @andymoserweather two months after he stopped bullying me, but they didn’t, so when AndyMoserWeather returned, he called me salty and bullied me again. Why would you ignore me and let someone bully me @haleybrennan?

      AndyMoserWeather created a new @mesocyclone account with the same cereal box photo. When I asked We Love Weather for help, they said they will take a look at the account (he also created a @donaldtrump account) but they didn’t do anything until a few months later.

      And even if they did delete @donaldtrump they still wouldn’t delete @mesocyclone (who is acting constructively so I will “enjoy this cereal box for years to come”).

      So it’s time for me to move on. Goodbye We Love Weather. This is my last post and I will never go to this cesspool again because of the piss-poor moderation.

      ALSO: Before you join We Love Weather, read this, because if you get bullied, the moderators won’t help you.

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      I may bump this post occasionally to warn anyone who plans on joining.

      And I’m sorry to tell you this @annakendrick47. But maybe we can still occasionally chat on here (but I won’t do anything other than that).

    • @foofighters I respect your decision to leave this site, but hopefully you come back! Feel free to chat with me any time if you decide to return. I’m sorry that you were bullied and Haley allowed it. Take care

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      I may check the forum occasionally to see if there are new users. If there are new accounts I will warn them by posting a link to this.

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