Explanation of 2019-2020 Winter Storm Names

started by AndyMoserWX, October 3, 2019
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      I am jovial to announce that The Weather Channel officially unveiled the list of the 2019–2020 #winterstormnames this morning.  It is time that I explain each name that we have this season.  @stephanieabrams, @liana-brackett, @haleybrennan, @kcass, @dewpointdiva, @alexwilson, and fellow WX geeks, are you ready?  Here they come.

      • Aubrey: Norman French form of the Germanic name Alberich, meaning “elf power”
      • Bessie: English diminutive of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is an oath”
      • Caleb: relates to the Hebrew word kelev, meaning “dog”
      • Dorothy: English form of the Late Greek name Dorothea, meaning “gift of God“; name of the central character in the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)
      • Ezekiel: Hebrew name meaning “God will strengthen”
      • Finley: Irish anglicized form of Fionnlagh, meaning “white warrior”
      • Gage: Old French surname meaning “measure” or “pledge”
      • Henry: derives from the Germanic name Heimirich, meaning “home ruler”; also honors HRH Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
      • Isaiah: Hebrew name meaning “Yahweh is salvation”
      • Jacob: from the Latin name Iacobus, meaning “holder of the heel” or “supplanter”
      • Kade: variant of the Old English surname Cade, meaning “round”
      • Lamont: Scottish surname meaning “law man”
      • Mabel: Medieval Latin form of Amabilis, meaning “lovable”
      • Nash: derives from the Middle English phrase atten ash, meaning “at the ash tree”
      • Odell: derives from the Old English surnames wad (a plant that produces a blue dye) and hyll, meaning “died blue hill”
      • Pearl: English word for the concretions formed in the shells of some mollusks; also, the birthstone for June that imparts both health and wealth
      • Quincy: originally from various places in Normandy, France, that derived from the name Quintus, meaning “fifth” in Latin
      • Ruth: ancient Hebrew name meaning “friend”
      • Sadie: Middle English diminutive of the Hebrew name Sarah, meaning “lady”, “princess”, or “noblewoman”
      • Thatcher: English occupational surname meaning “roof maker”
      • Upton: Egyptian name meaning “high village”
      • Veronica: Latin alternation of Berenice, meaning “bringing victory”; her ecclesiastical spelling influenced the Latin phrase vera icon, meaning “true image”
      • Waldron: German name meaning “mighty raven”
      • Xandra: Dutch variant of the Greek name Alexandra, meaning “defender of women”
      • Yates: Old English surname meaning “gate”
      • Zachariah: Biblical variant of the ancient Hebrew name Zechariah, meaning “Yahweh remembers”; one of the characters in the Old Testament

      Please that since we used Wyatt in 2016–2017, I replace him with Waldron; this way, we avoid repeating past names.  I am excited to name winter storms again!  #happywxgeek 😄  I look forward to our eighth season of naming winter storms; thus, bring on winter!  #wintercoming ⛄❄

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      Thank you for posting the list and the name meanings.  Nicely done.

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      @donaldtrump, your name does not appear as a winter storm name per you are still the president of the United States.  Your creative word #covfefe could appear sooner than you think.  Capiche? 🙂

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