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started by Juli, September 2, 2019
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      Check out Hurricane Dorian on this interactive map. It is a map that shows winds, temp and other weather information.

      once you bring up the site, find in the world you want to be , in this case of course florida/bahamas.

      The word Earth appears on the left hand side click on it it will bring up a menu with all kinds of information like winds, temperature. gives one an opportunity of selecting distances up in the atmosphere at which time the winds change .  Also just looking at hurricane dorian can put your mouse cursor over the hurricane on different parts get the wind speed.


      If select height of 500 on the menu,  you can see that the hurricane is pushing its way west  and the winds are so that it does not appear that it will  go up the coast as the hurricane is being pushed to the west  so a possibility that the hurricane will go west instead of up the coast.

      also the weather channel should have used this interactive map to see where that one wind event in oregon happened  as then they would not have been in seattle,wa where nothing was happening. it was coming in at Cape Blanco,OR the windiest spot here so the people there at the light house say.  was neat to view this wind event there.

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