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started by We Love Weather Brandon, April 20, 2017
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    As our community continues to grow, it feels like a good time to establish a couple of rules for the community forum. We want this to be a community full of positivity and passion for weather, not hate. We welcome you to express yourself freely, but ask the following:

    -Be respectful of your fellow weather fans. We welcome differing opinions, but ask that you remain respectful when sharing your thoughts. Name calling or belittling others won’t be tolerated. And trolls are never welcome.
    -Let’s keep the language clean. Weather fans of all ages are on the site 🙂

    Help us keep a positive community going strong. If you feel like these rules are being violated, please reach out to

    The We Love Weather Team

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    Well I see my message about the garrulous Stephanie was deleted.  I must assume that I’m in the troll category.  I’ll admit my message was a tad inflammatory but it was also a product of many hours watching AMHQ.  Stephanie Abrams is a strong woman.  I’m sure she can take strong criticism.  I doubt even she would label me troll.

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    Manowx, I suggest you stop posting on these forums, as all you like to do in my opinion is post messages designed to get a reaction.

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      “Design to get a reaction”  Isn’t that the whole idea of a forum?

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      I’d like to think of Forum as ‘civil conversation’.   I don’t want to “dis” anyone because of looks or personality. I just enjoy learning more about the world I live on.

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      I agree.  🙂  We’ve “talked” before, and I’ve encountered a couple of other nice people.

      I think the community rules is a good idea.  There’s enough hate in the world, if you even listen to or watch a tiny bit of news.  🙁  It’s easy for people to do it on the Internet cause it’s anonymous, just sitting in front of a computer or looking at the phone.

      I might be “flak” for this, but there could be a “flag” or “report” icon that a member can click on if they are not comfortable with a post.  Then, that will alert the moderators of the site.

      I hope this will continue to be the safe and friendly site I’m finding it to be so far!


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      @kittykat, I hope that this community fan page stays intact as well.  Please pass the word to @stormeagle for good measure.  #wxcommunicationwithfans 😀

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    Bully for you StormChaser31 !

  • Sounds perfectly reasonable to me, Brandon.

    Folks, in any social setting, including here on We Love Weather, it all comes down to the Golden Rule: treat others like you want to be treated. And just as no two snowflakes are the same, no two weather watchers are the same, or will see things exactly the same way, or will express themselves the same way. There is room for each and every one of us here, so let’s make room for each and every one of us, and just be nice to one another.

    And finally, let’s remember that any disagreement or heated discussion can be brought to a peaceful and congenial conclusion with the following all-purpose words of reconciliation: anybody wanna go storm chasing? 😀

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    so basically no cyber bulling.

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    <<<———– is nice to all .

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    This went undetected for over a year:

    “F*** you b****”

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    Delete the account @andymoserweather.

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    Somebody take down the accounts @amazinghuman and @andymoserweather.

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