started by emma_36, August 29, 2017
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      What are some of the best schools for meteorology?

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      @emma_36, if you plan to get a degree in meteorology (aka Weatherperson’s Ph.D.), then I suggest that you attend the University of Oklahoma, the #1 school for meteorology in the United States, if not the world.  Dr. @twcerikanavarro, @kittykat, @alexwilson, and @liana-brackett ratify with me on that. #wxdegree #liveonuniversity

      To go to college to get a degree in meteorology, three essentials areas of studying are earth science, reading/writing, and computer science.  In addition, you can learn more about our atmosphere by doing science experiments with both friends and family.  Those practical ways allow your foot to enter the world of meteorology.  #wxexperiments 😀

      By the way, never forget about mathematics!  In college, you complete a plethora of mathematics coursework; in fact, meteorology courses are heavy on math.  #wxmathematics 😉

      Above all, making the grade is crucial toward success in the world of meteorology.  After all, your grades, your education, and your didactics come first.  Take as many AP, IB, and concurrent enrollment courses as necessary; moreover, start those as soon as possible. #raisethegradeonestepatatime 🙂

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      Hi Emma!

      Some great schools for meteorology include Florida State, Penn State, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Florida, Georgia and Georgia Tech (we have alumni from all of these at TWC) – but those are just a few!  Math and science coursework will be at the heart of the meteorology degree class track, and if you’d like to work on-air you’ll also want to take communications classes. Hope this helps!

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        That is stupendous advice regarding weather colleges @alexwilson!  I adore that you mentioned communication as an essential for being a meteorologist.  After all, it is part of a collaborative endeavor to succeed in meteorology.  #wxtalk101 😀

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