Cloud Seeding and Artificial Weather?

started by Dbirk007, January 28, 2017
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      Can one (honest) weather professional please explain to everyone the truth and ethical reprocussions of attempting to control the weather? Especially regarding the “Butterfly Effect” (Chaos Theory) and as it may relate to unconventional weather patterns and recent weather disasters? More specifically, explain these (Google if you need to)

      1. Operation Popeye (Vietnam/Laos 1967) (Using toxic silver iodine to extend the monsoon season)

      2. Project Cirrus – October 1947. US Army/USAF and General Electric – attempt to modify/amplify/weaponize a hurricane – again, using toxic silver iodine

      3. HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (DARPA/USAF, etc.) – attempt to use high frequency radio waves directed into the ionosphere – capable of producing tornadoes, hurricanes etc. on demand. The European Union called the project a “Global Concern”

      4. Chem Trails (Not Com Trails) – there is a difference between the water vapor originating from a plane’s wingtips and a deliberate cloud of poison gasses,silver oxide, iodine, etc. intentionally emitted from a government plane.

      If you are not familiar with these things, then please Google them, and apply your professional knowledge to help all of us understand the potential reprocussions of attempting to alter/control the weather and the potential for loss of life and property damage form someone’s personal science project.


      Thank you!


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      i think its dangerous to control the weather even if its beneficial


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        @charliehow67 – I think so too. Unfortunately, there are certain people who do not think it is a question of ethics. Just because you have the capability to do something, does not necessarily mean we should…ie. nukes, cloning, chemical warfare, etc.

        I love science, but changing climate for the financial gains and losses for certain individuals is not okay – the chemicals and particles they use are TOXIC. Period.

        What’s sad is that true meteorologists (not the actors/actresses they use on TV) are fully aware of these things, and for the sake of keeping their white picket fence, never say anything about it. I’m confused…why is random John. Q. Public educating the masses when our weather professionals should be.

        All we get is the regurgitated propaganda about “global warming” a proven fallacy….or the newer and even more comical “wobble in the polar vortex” Hahaa. Funny.

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        I thought weeble wobbles was the only thing that wobbled lol.Seriuosly though I agree with you 100% and it would have to take a very convincing argument to change my mind on weather manipulation. I believe that when we try to force outcomes with mother nature eventually will come back to bite us.Some may say well what if we can stop a hurricane from forming well it might work once or twice but eventually something twice as worse might happened because we really dont know the true consequences of weather manipilation until down the road when its too late to fix what we have done

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      I believe Mother Earth should be better taken care of… period! All of this manipulation is taking toll! We have had extreme weather changes here in California. Nearly every day I step outside to see skies criss crossed with Chem trails! I can feel the poison in my lungs from it! Are they trying to cut the population down with this foolishness? What do they think we are? A bunch of guinea pigs? I believe the drought we have experienced for years now, has been caused by the stupidity of those who believe they are all mighty, and who don’t know or care about the implications of what they have done, and continue to do! I wish it would all stop, so we could breath again…so mother nature can get back to doing what she does best!!! My 2 cents worth…lol

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      LauraB – Charlie –

      Charlie – you are spot on. What would happen if you had the financial capability and technical capacity to do the same as an individual, created a thunderstorm that caused millions in damage and even caused the death of several people? You would be the terror_ist word we can’t say anymore…

      Laura, Yes, population control…according to the Georgia Guidestones…lol

      The thing is, we (meaning anyone on the “effect” side of “cause and effect”) are to blame. There are 350 million of us in the USA alone. We are told what to think/say/eat/do/not do by a few hundred self-serving people we call our “government” We complain on social media, question Sandy Hoax, Chem Trails, 9/11 and all other conspiracies, but unfortunately, because of decades of chemically-induced numbing from fluoridated water…we do nothing about it.

      I try to incite curiosity and get conversation started…but at the end of the day, we all sit back and just allow ourselves to be sheeple –

      It is sad that I ask a real question with real data – no tin-foil hat stuff, and not one weather “professional” has the bravery to stand up and say everything – all of it – including our weather – is a hoax. Propaganda. Regurgitated BS. And to preserve what??? Being able to recite a script fed to you next week in front of a green screen? Is it worth it?

      I don’t know, maybe they really buy what they are saying. Maybe they even really believe we went to the moon on less technology than my old smart phone uses, somehow surviving the val Allen Radiation belts, yet we have trouble creating a dependable electric car. We supposedly have rovers on mars, but can’t seem to get humans back to the moon…Hmmm…as with anything…if you tell a big enough (and crazy enough) lie, everyone believes.

      Again, I am asking a weather professional for answers…if not, your silence speaks very loudly. But please stop trying to indoctrinate the younger people on this board with the complete and utter fabrications regarding weather. At least have a conscious.

      At the end of the day, we should all try as much as possible to ignore the “bread and circuses” being spoon-fed to us… the weather included.

      I’m not crazy. I’m well-educated, and because the majority of my education isn’t academia-induced-indoctrination, I ask questions and see the holes in the complete and utter BS propagated in our media and all forms of propaganda. If someone labels you a “truther” or other slang, it only means they are threatened that you can think for yourself. Congratulations, you actually have a brain! We should all be “truthers” after all, there are enough sheeple already.


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