Changes at The Weather Channel ~ Very disappointing!!!!!

started by meowsway, August 6, 2018
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      What happened to the meteorologists we were all so used to seeing every day. Now they have a blonde chick with big B—- and a short skirt doing the morning weather, Really what happened to Jeremy Logos and some of the other great meteorologists.  When I turned it on this morning I felt like she thought we couldn’t read the screen, stop wasting our time and bring back the Real Weather Channel. Of course Tony is still there, no shocker. Looks like I need to rely on my NOAA Alarm System from now on. Very disappointed!! At least the other bought humor to the program.

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      How long has it been since you watched before? Jen, Stephanie, and Kelly have all been around for awhile. I have no idea who these Tony and Jeremy people are you speak of, and I’ve been watching for well over a year.

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        @stephanieabrams, @kcass, and @dewpointdiva have been at The Weather Channel for at least ten (10) years now. Moreover, they should be in what I call the “TWC Hall of Fame”. The Weather Channel must hire more female meteorologists to improve overall. Comprende? #girlpower 😀

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      Obviously you have made changes and most of them disappointing changes.

      I understand you have been bought by NBC, and it is having its own problems.

      We very much miss Mike Seidel’s outdoor weather reports.  California and states west have been burning for months now.  Therefore, you cannot state there is nothing to cover, which you did tell me in a previous email.  The east coast has had flooding problems – bad ones.

      Wish you would tell the truth about Mike Seidel, but I doubt you will.

      We have tried the other weather channel and plan to watch that in the future. You need a new manager or something because you are going downhill.  


      More later – maybe.





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      I didn’t know TWC was bought by NBC.  Well, that explains a lot.  Every time a company (esp. a large one)buys or merges with another, it’s never good for the consumer/viewer.

      Okay, I get why it’s gone downhill now.  🙁


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        The Weather Channel was acquired by NBCUniversal in 2008 from Landmark Communications. In 2015, IBM bought the digital division of The Weather Company which includes the app and website. In 2018, Entertainment Studios acquired The Weather Channel from NBCUniversal.


        NBC does not currently own The Weather Channel, Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios does.

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        That is correct–we are no longer owned by NBC. We would love to know what would make our coverage better for you.  Feel free to email us at!

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        What would make your coverage better would be to put the local on the 8s back to normal and replace the local on the 8s logo below the time with the weather channel logo (which really that’s where it should be).

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        I totally agree. I’ll send an email to tell them everyone’s feedback about the Local on the 8s change.

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      Hey Meowsway–I think you may be confusing The Weather Channel with something else, possibly a local news station that provides weather.  We recommend checking out The Weather Channel 🙂

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      A more disappointing change is the reduction of the local forecast by two-thirds and replacing TWC’s logo with a Local on the 8s logo. No TV channel would ever mess up their logo for their viewers.

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      Does anyone know when I can actually catch Local On the 8’s now that they’ve cut it down? It’s more like “Local if You’re Lucky”… so frustrating!!!

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        Hi @summerdaze! You can catch full screen Local on the 8s at the :18 and :48 marks of every hour, and at the bottom and sides of your screen during every other “8” mark.

        We’re sorry the new layout is frustrating to you! We are currently collecting all feedback and figuring out how to improve the experience for viewers. Thank you for telling us about your concerns!

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        Well, that’s what everyone’s complaining about – two full-screen local forecasts per hour is not enough. Before April, it was six full-screen forecasts per hour. Others have complained that the bottom sides of the screen you’re mentioning are invisible, which is a big reason why the majority of TWC viewers oppose this change.

        In another thread I complained that the :18 and :48 full-screen forecasts play right after local commercials (your cable provider replaces national commercials with local ones, especially about politics). I hate those commercials.

        As they say, actions mean more than words, so hopefully you do take our feedback seriously. Thank you!

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        Thanks for your reply Haley, but ArsenalFan is right, 2x is not enough! Also, everyone’s flat screen is not large, so the info on the side & at the bottom is too tiny to read. I have senior family members who say they can’t see it.

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        How does my idea of using the on screen Local on the 8s format during long-form except for :18 sound? That way, you could make your viewers happy with full-screen Local on the 8s on all the 8s during live weather, and the on screen format could be used during long-form since that would give us more than what’s normally shown during long-form, since there is a local radar on the sidebar, since it always was accepted that Local on the 8s aired less often during long-form than during live weather, while you’re at it, how about show full screen Local on the 8s at :18 and :48 like how it was prior to December 29, 2014? I always thought dropping the :48 was a bad idea and that only affect the 8pm-5am et weeknight timeslot and the 12pm-5am et timeslot on weekends. Please, please, please consider listening to us for once! You’re going to lose money if you continue not to, especially if people stop watching because they don’t have 20 minutes to wait for a real LF due to having to get to work on time.

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        What does “long form” mean?  🙂

        Otherwise, I get what you’re saying.  Personally, I get my local weather from other networks now, like CBS or FOX. It comes on around the same time each day, even if severe weather is going on somewhere else.  They still cover LOCAL weather, which is still going on…

        Not only do they have MICROCLIMATES which is common in a big city, they show the sunrise/sunset times which I’m obsessed with.

        Esp. since we change the clocks tonight, leading to much shorter days for awhile…..:-(


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        I am with other’s. I tune in to “hear” my 8’s on the hour not read it! If I wanted to read my weather forecast I would get on the internet and read it..

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        Clearly agree. The full-screen forecast shows more detailed forecasting for the next 24 to 48 hours. Reading the forecast is not clear enough.

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      The info size at the side & bottom of the screen was a non-issue until you cut back the frequency of the full size “Local”. Cutting it down to 2x is way too extreme!

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      TWC staff’s intrepretation: We still have two full-screen Local on the 8s forecasts, at :18 and :48. We’re trying to alienate viewers because we want them to wait a half hour.

      Viewers’ intrepretation: We want all six LOT8s forecasts to be full screen, because that’s important to every viewer. A side bar forecast looks terrible for many reasons.

      The Weather Channel thinks that the sidebar LOT8s forecasts are actual LOT8s forecasts when they’re just repeating the same thing over and over.

      So do something before your channel’s ratings are low.

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