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started by mikala027, October 13, 2016
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    I love watching The Weather Channel. A few years I was able to photos of Jim Cantore and Marshall Seese. Do you still give them out? I would love to get ones of Greg Forbes and Mike Seidel. They are fun to watch and I have been a fan of them for years.

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    We’re happy to hear that you are fans of Dr. Forbes and Mike Seidel.  Please check your inbox!

  • I am very happy to have joined. I truly appreciate the Escape the Election program. Thank you!   A long time fan of Weather Channel, I would like to receive an autograph photo of Marnie Saunier, John Hood (RIP), Jim Cantore And Jen Carfagno. Thank you

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      Thanks for joining, EOffner!  Please check your inbox.

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    Good morning me and my wife have been long time fans of the weather channel and I was trying to find outhe how to get a autograph photo of Jim cantore for her for our anniversary.  Thank you for your time.

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    The Weather Channel is my favorite place to go for bad weather.  I also love to watch a lot of the programs on the Weather Channel. I was wondering if I could get a personalized autographed picture of Dr. Greg Forbes, Jim Cantore, Mike Bettes and Mike Seidel? Love watching these guys. Thank you so much.

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    Hi my wife and I love watching the weather channel and watching all the shows they have on. My wife loves Jim Cantore and was wondering what I need to do and see if I can get one for her for our anniversary. Thanks

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    I saw it on the news this morning, on channel 2 K mo be St Louis.  There’s a golf course in Illinois that is selling them and they said they had plenty. Don’t know the name though.

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    My son is a huge Jim Cantore fan. Is it possible to get Mr. Cantore to autograph a picture of himself “To Noah” and send to him. I don’t mind paying for it. Just thought he would love to have it. I’m pretty sure meteorology is in his future. Please let me know. Thank you in advance


    Richard Romine

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    could I get autographed pictures of mike bettes..met him in Galveston and got pictures with him..jen, dr greg forbes, dr Navarro, all of the normal crew on at night, alex Wilson. my son talked to mike about becommming a meteorologist even talked about pressures in atmosphere clouds,, tides.. mike told him maybe he would be his coworker one day..made his day…he has autism and loves the weather so this would be a great Christmas present.. already have a hat and jacket made that says the weather channel

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    Is it possible to obtain an autograph photo of Jen Carfagno? Thank you.

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