Anyone know of some good personal weather stations?

started by Xelleld, January 26, 2017
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      Good morning (or whatever time it is when you’re reading this), weloveweather! Before I continue, I’d like to clarify that this weather station I’m looking for is going to be what I ask for as my birthday present for my 15th birthday, so I won’t really be able to take much of a chance on it and buy a different one if it’s not very good.

      As you can tell from the title, I’m in the market for a weather station. In particular, I’m looking for one of the “professional” units – the ones with more advanced sensors than just temperature and precipitation (as in only telling you if it’s raining or not, no actual measurement of the amount) – for no more than $200. I’ve been looking at an Acu-Rite station that does what I need/want it to do for about $126 (and it’s rated 4 stars average on Amazon), but since I’ve never owned one of these more advanced stations before and am not quite familiar with what PWS lines and manufacturers are good (along with the actual reviews on Amazon being rather mixed – there’s tons of great reviews, but also plenty of ones saying it was mediocre and a few saying it was bad), I thought I’d better ask some people who I knew would probably be pretty knowledgeable about the subject, which is where you guys come in. I just need your opinions on what the best weather stations for the money are so I know what one to ask for.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my overly long post.


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      Dang it, I just realized my hyperlink didn’t work right. Here’s the link that it was supposed to send you to instead of that 404 page:

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        If you like acurite (I’ve had one for about a year, not perfect but good for the price), I’d just monitor their site. They have good sales sometimes.

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      Hey there–here is a link that a lot of our meteorologists often referred when asked this question:

      Hope that helps!

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        whenever I have tried to access the weather underground website lately, it just sends me in a loop and the page never loads. Even this link doesn’t work for me..I’ve tried it on iOS/iPad and Android, anybody else having the same issues?

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        That’s weird, chandlerski5.  I haven’t heard of anyone else having similar issues.  Is there a specific page that isn’t responding or is it the whole site you’re having issues with?

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        It seems to be the whole site. I’ve tried a few different links and just typing in, clicking on google search results, nothing. I was able to access though (some sort of mirror site?), and the app works fine.

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      Well, they’re more than $200, but I’d recommend one of the Davis units. I’ve had a wireless Vantage pro for 7 or so years and  have had no problems. The rain gage does underreport hard rain by 8-10%, but I verify it with my cocorahs gage. I remoted the anemometer for location, and added a daytime fan upgrade. Plenty of transmission range. The cabled units are a little less pricey. IMHO you’ll be more satisfied especially long term. Davis units have lots of value for the dollar. You’d have to spend a lot more $ to get substantially better performance. The ‘lesser’ units fall short of their advertising, been there. Hope this helps…

      George A.

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      1. My boy got me a Accuright station for Christmas couple years back & I love it!! I’ve has several single & multi weather devices over the years but I really like it and its features. I recently found an old NWS weather box & am in the midst of restoring it. My accuright is mounted right to the side of it!! Note the backlight feature on the display it a great night light for the house!!

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