How Jen Carfagno (Literally) Gears Up for Groundhog Day

Chances are if you’ve ever watched The Weather Channel on Groundhog Day (and if you haven’t, be sure to tune in this February 2nd!) then you’ve noticed one accessory our meteorologists wear throughout their entire broadcast of the event… Groundhog hats! That’s right, as strange as it sounds, Jen Carfagno has her own variety of hats that celebrate Groundhog Day. See Jen’s personal collection below!







A look at all of the hats:

As for where and when Jen gets her hats she says, “First thing I do when I get to Punxsutawney, PA is go the Chamber of Commerce and the Groundhog Club Headquarters to see if there are any new hats!” Gotta freshen up the wardrobe every year, right? Punxsutawney sells groundhog gear year-round, but hats seem to be one of the hottest items sold. “Some of the most unique hats are handmade and you can find them in some of the small shops on Mahoning Street or in Barclay Square. Also some great finds at the Punxsutawney Community Center Show,” Carfagno explains. As for her favorite? “It’s hard to pick a favorite hat! I kind of the like the traditional brown ski cap with eyes/teeth. You see so many people in the crowd with them! There are groundhog day collectible pins. I keep mine on my hat!”

Bonus: The Ultimate Groundhog Day Hat

“The guy that made this comes every year and wears this hat. Here’s Jim trying on the hat. I asked the man why he does it, he said “because it makes people smile” :-)”

Be sure to watch The Weather Channel on February 2nd to see what new hats Jen wear this Groundhog Day, as well as Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction!

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  1. Loved the coverage (we did miss Jim however), and were wondering how many hat changes Jen did throughout the broadcast! TWC rocks! Keep up the good – and fun – work!

  2. It would feel awkward to watch both @dewpointdiva and Punxsutawney Phil “fake marry” on Groundhog Day on February 2. That would be one of the weirdest weddings in matrimonial history. #rodenttohuman 🙂

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